About our Company

amaZE Weld Tech Pvt Ltd is the numero uno Organization in Bangalore providing services to the various Industries involved in Welding and allied works. Established in 2015, we're considered as a revolutionary organization in the industry.We have built our reputation all around Bangalore by bringing in colossal changes in the field of welding and its subsidiaries. Beginning from Certification & Validation of Welders, Welding Inspections to Tailor made short term training programs for the Industries and many more, we offer a wide range of services which are second to none to any other service provider in the region.

We are in line with every technological advancement in the field of Welding and that gives a strong upper hand over every organization with same service offerings. As a progressive thinking organization, we offer our services all across the micro, small, medium & large scale public sector industries involving in welding and allied services. You name any industry, you'll find them in our beneficiaries of our service. To name a few, industries such as Aerospace,defense, automobile, agriculture, casting & foundry, die­casting, forging and many more. With a comprehensive list of industries, we make sure none is left behind.

With our sole emphasis on empowering industries and individuals, we desire to be truly a pioneer in the industry. Our management along with our professional team of highly qualified staff is passionate and possess deep knowledge in the core field of welding and its allies at the same time. It's this desire which serves as the fuel for us to steep ahead. We thrive on quality and make sure we are in line with every minute change in the industries and technology.